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The 3 R's of Retouching: provides a wide variety of work options for the photos we work with.  Each of them are listed within 4 categories displayed below. 

We make choosing exactly what you want done to your photo easy by giving you the ability to create "Styles". You can create and save theses style instruction presets within your account - and apply them to any photo you wish to have worked. You are also giving the chance to further customize them per-photo, giving you the ease to send in large quantities of photos, and the power of full instructions per photo for more detailed retouching.

Each category below describes a different price level for our retouching work.  The prices are based on the category, not per individual option.  If you choose 2 options from the "Retouch" category, it will cost the same as if you had chose 15 options.  The price of the photo that gets this style attached to it will be whatever the highest category is chosen. 

For example:
If 5 options are chosen from "Retouch" and 2 options are chosen from "Remodel" - the photo will cost the "Remodel" price to be worked on.  The quantity of options is not taken into consideration - just the highest option's group.

- Add Catchlight In Eyes
- Even Skin Tones (Splotchy Skin)
- Lightly Blur Image (Glamorize)
- Remove Bags Under Eyes
- Remove Crows Feet Around Eyes
- Remove Dust Spots
- Remove Facial Pimples
- Remove Facial Shine
- Remove Second Catchlight from Eyes
- Remove Stray Hairs
- Sharpen Image
- Soften Bags Under Eyes
- Soften Crows Feet Around Eyes
- Soften Red Face
- Whiten Eyes
- Whiten Teeth - Natural White
- Whiten Teeth - Very White
- Add Black Vignette - Heavy
- Add Black Vignette - Light
- Add Black Vignette - Medium
- Add Teeth
- Add Vignette - Heavy
- Add Vignette - Light
- Add Vignette - Medium
- Extend Background to Fit Dimensions
- Fill In Hair
- Open Eyes
- Remove Dental Braces
- Remove Eyeglass Glare
- Remove Small Item
- Remove Tan Lines
- Repair Moire
- Replace Head with Sample
- Soften Double Chin
- Soften Wrinkles in Clothes
- Tone Down Shadows
- Town Down Lighting Hot Spots
- Add a Person
- Clean Skin of All Blemishes (Glamorize)
- Remove a Person
- Remove Shadows
- Replace Background
- Slim Down a Person
Damaged Photo Restoration
- Add a Person
- Colorize Photo
- Restore Damaged Photo
- Sepia Photo

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